Cousins Disinfecting


Our state-of-the-art tools, CDC based protocols and EPA approved disinfectants utilize the power of CIO2 (Chlorine Dioxide) to naturally and effectively disinfect, deodorize and protect your space without any harmful or poisonous residue left behind.

The Approach Trusted By World Class Organizations

The Cousins Difference

Cousins Athletics has been providing disinfection services, products and support since long before COVID. We have been protecting athletes and workout spaces since our inception, however the need for proper and professional disinfection extends far beyond that.

We have always been focused on safe and effective solutions that adhere to state and federal guidelines. Below are just some of the ways that Cousins Athletics is different: 


CIRI Certified

Our team is educated and certified by the Cleaning Industry Research Institute.

Surface or Air

Electrostatic Sprayers

Our powerful sprayers ensure 360 degree coverage of all of your surfaces and treated areas.


EPA Approved Products

Our disinfectants are natural, safe, powerful and effective with no harmful residue left behind.

Water Activated

CDC Guidelines & Methods

We follow the CDC guidelines and suggestions to ensure effective results.

Outside In

PPE & Respirators

We utilize protective suits, respirators, goggles and gloves to maintain a clean environment.


Customized For You

From daycares to hospitals, we can deliver a unique solution to help you protect your space.

Some of the Services We Provide

  • One Time Treatment

    We will work with you to assess your needs, develop a plan of attack, and then visit your space to provide customized and comprehensive disinfecting service and support.

  • On Demand Service

    Are you looking for a fresh start every so often? Whether every few months or simply when you need it, we can provide you with the peace of mind you need.

  • Routine Disinfecting

    Some spaces require more attention than others. If your needs are above average, don't worry, we've got you covered. Whether it's daily, weekly or monthly service, we are here to provide a plan that works for you.

  • Customized Solutions

    Our goal is to help you however we can. If you prefer to chat about what you are looking for, let's do it. No project is too big or small, and there is absolutely no pressure to work with us. Reach out, ask questions, pick our brain.

Let Us Protect You and Your Space

Proper and effective disinfection of your space is not a part time job. Let our professional and certified team take care of that burden so you are not only protecting the people around you, but keeping your focus on what's important to you and your business. 


Our Secret Weapon

We use the power of Chlorine Dioxide to safely and effectively disinfect and protect.

While it may sound the same, it is not the Chlorine you find in most common pools, so we want to clear that up right away. Chlorine Dioxide is a powerful, yet safe disinfectant compound that can be used on any and all surfaces, from food to floors. With a minimal dwell time (how long a disinfectant needs to remain on the surface to work effectively), our liquid disinfectant will neutralize/suppress or halt powerful bacteria and viruses such as COVID, MRSA, Staph, HIV, Ringworm and more in only 30 seconds. Being both effective and non-toxic, it provides the perfect balance between cleaning and disinfecting that may have once seemed unreachable.

It is no surprise that this compound has become the leading disinfecting and deodorizing method for major corporations and even the United States Government. It is eco-friendly, leaves no chemical footprint and has no carcinogens or poisonous residuals, unlike most common alternatives.

It is on "List N" and meets the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19.

That means it is safe to use in your home, school, business, or anywhere else without risk or downtime. You can effectively and confidently disinfect and protect your space without any negative impact.

How Does it Compare?

See for yourself. Chlorine Dioxide is not only more effective, but safer to use.

Competitive Advantage

Decades of proof

Not another bleach or harsh chemical, Chlorine Dioxide has been used for public water system purification and other large-scale projects for decades to protect against harmful bacteria, viruses and more. 

Decades of Proof

More than just a cleaner

Killing germs and viruses effectively in schools, for example, can drastically improve the attendance rate and therefore; increase the amount of federal, state and local funding received. What impact could it have on you?

Safe and effective

Because we can protect and disinfect your space without any harmful residue left behind, it is truly one of the only treatment methods and approach that can stand behind that statement.

Easy and Effective


Let our comprehensive, on-site disinfecting service and support team start effectively protecting your facility and those within it. Not sure where to start or have questions? Reach out, we are happy to help.