Practice penetration and explosion for all combat sport takedowns.

Trusted by Top Programs Across the Country

What is ShotSled™?

ShotSled™ is a training partner and tool specifically designed for Wrestlers, Mixed Martial Artists, and any other athlete, coach or team looking to enhance their takedown ability. Using ShotSled™ as part of your preparation immediately improves your power and explosiveness from your feet.

There is a reason that top athletes from across the country already have ShotSled™ in their facilities and that is because it works. It's easy to use, quick to implement and athletes are able to train alone or with a partner for more of a challenge.

WHat are you waiting for?

Reach out now with any questions you have and to learn more about ShotSled™. Our one and only goal is to help you and your program improve. If you think that ShotSled™ might make sense for you, there is no reason not to. No pressure. No expectations. No risk.