Cousins Athletics

A Partnership and Family Business...30 Years in the Making

Cousins Athletics is a Long Island based supplier and installer of protective sport surfaces. From wrestling mats to wall padding, to fitness rooms to indoor turf, we can help you take your facility from concept to completion. We have helped many New York/Tri-State area schools and facilities re-imagine their workout space and give athletes something to brag about, while also making it more safe for training and competition. Reach out now to see how we can help.

Brothers From Another Mother

John Cummings and Kevin Miller, the founders of Cousins Athletics, have been inseparable since birth. From childhood sports to family vacations, they have spent most of their lives growing closer, learning form each other and passionately debating (of course)

When the opportunity presented itself to work together, they both jumped on it. Not only because of their passion for athletics, but they knew that their commitment to helping people and solving challenges would provide so much benefit for everyone around them. 

Wrestling Roots

We care about all sports, but our roots are deep in wrestling.

For anyone who has wrestled, they know that wrestling is not just a sport, but a way of living. The lessons, learning, humility and self-discovery that happens through the sport carries over to everything aspect of life. We take the same approach to Cousins Athletics. 

Part of the Family

We are a family business and you are a part of it.

We are with you every step of the way when you choose to work with us. We answer the phone when you call, we quickly resolve any challenges that may arise, we are on site for every installation and we will always personally stand behind everything we do. Our foundation is built on trust and honesty, and we will always do what we say we are going to do. No smoke and mirrors here.

Meet the Cousins

The faces behind the name.

Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller


I am a Long Island native and resident that spends most of my time (usually, what would be sleeping) as a father of three boys under ten years of age. I take advantage of every moment and am passionate about trying to make the world around me a better place. I am a lifelong athlete, and continued my career through college as both a Diver (thank you Gymnastics) and Wrestler. Growing up wrestling since the age of five, it's impossible to say the sport has not impacted my life. From self development, to life lessons, to inseparable friendships, the early mornings and late nights have made me who I am today. It even led to me meeting my wife in college and starting our amazing family.

I am committed to helping my local community and especially the children and families within it have the same experience. I hope the work we do at Cousins Athletics can bring a positive impact on athletes, as well as shape and develop the towns they are a part of.


John Cummings


From the basement in Fifth Avenue as a Bay Shore Kid wrestler, to competing as a Division 1 athlete at The University At Buffalo, only to find my way back to Bay Shore as a High School coach, I have devoted 25+ years of my life to the amazing sport of wrestling. Whether its been the priceless advice received from my father and coaches along the way, the lifelong friendships gained or the fulfillment of coaching; I confidently attribute all of my best qualities and memories to the sport. The wrestling community has always taught me to stay positive, focus on the things you can control, work hard, and be a team player.

I’m also super excited to announce I recently married the love of my life, Amanda. We enjoy spending free time working out and chasing new adventures together. Coming from a super close, active and athletic family we are thrilled to officially have her as the newest addition.


How Can We Help You?

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