ShotSled is a training tool and secret weapon specifically designed for wrestlers and combat sport athletes to not only improve overall takedown ability, but strengthen the explosiveness behind them. ShotSled can be used on all types of wrestling mats without damage, and Athletes can train solo or with a partner to offer more resistance.

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ShotSled™ is a training partner and tool specifically designed for Wrestlers, Mixed Martial Artists, and any other athlete, coach or team looking to enhance their takedown ability. Using ShotSled™ as part of your preparation immediately improves your power and explosiveness from your feet.

  • Train solo or with a partner
  • Custom-plate foot-pegs provide a sturdy area for training partners to stand for more resistance
  • Weighs 43lbs and collapses for easy storage and transportation
  • Slides on all kinds of wrestling mat without damage
  • Made in the USA